Margaritis Gjoka

Researcher Department of Materials Science,INN, NCSR Demokritos
Athens, Greece

Bio. Graduate (1978) and Postgraduate Study (1985) at the University of Tirana, Assistant professor and professor at the University of Elbasan, Albania in the interval 1985-1992, specialized at Paris 6 University in 1985 as scholarship of UNESCO (D.E.A. - Sciences des matériaux), Ph. D in the University of Ioannina in 1999, Scholar of Bodosaki foundation in 1994, collaborating researcher at the NCSR “Demokritos” during 1995-2006 and simultaneously at the Joannina university during 2000-2001, visitor researcher in the Institute MASPEC Parma, Italy during 1996, in the Sofia University in 1997 and in the University of Delaware in 2013 (IRSES project), from 2007 I am appointed in place of researcher in the INN, NCSR Demokritos. My activity is focused on the composition, characterization and study of new hard magnetic and nanostructured materials, high temperature magnets, nanocomposite magnets and their applications in the nanotechnology, hydrogen storage and fuel cell for energy applications. Publications: 66 papers in the scientific periodicals with refereeing, 21 in the Proceedings of International Conferences and 31 in the Proceedings of Greek conferences, in total ~70 presentations at International Conferences; citations ~850. I have been scientific responsible during the interval 2006 - 2008 in a project collaboration Greece - Romania for Nanotechnology and in 2008-2016 for magnetic measurements in a subtask of Fusion project. 2012-2014, scientific responsible for the project “Development of Integrated Advanced Materials and Processes for Efficient Hydrogen Storage”. 2012-14 I worked on the project REFREEPERMAG, winner of Best “On-Going-Project Award” of FP7. Now, I am working on the projects NOVAMAG and INAPEM. I have been Member of Local Committee and Publishing Committee of international conference REPM-2008 (Crete) and JEMS-2013- Rodos. Reviewer experience: “ IEEE-Transactions on Magnetics”, “Journal of Alloys and compounds”, “Journal of Phys. D”, “Scientific Reports”, “Modern Physics Letters”, “Mat. Sci. Eng ”, ISRN, Journal of Magnetic and Magnetic Materials, Materials, etc. I have been member American Physical Society (APS) and actually TMS-Memeber.




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